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Husband allegedly bites off his wife’s nose in her father’s house then posts suicide note on Facebook after he was called out (graphic photos)

A father-of-three has been accused of biting off his wife’s nose in her father’s house just one week after he celebrated her on Facebook.

King Felix Nero and wife Queen Nero have been married for 5 years and have 3 kids together but it is alleged that Felix Nero has been abusive and also unfaithful.

Sometime last year it was alleged that he had an affair with his wife’s cousin and this information went viral on many blogs back then.

Due to the alleged domestic violence and infidelity, Queen moved with her kids back to her parent’s house in Asaba, Delta State.

Nero reportedly pleaded with many people, including social media influencers, to beg her to return to their home.

He also posted her on her birthday on June 3 and lavished her with sweet words.

A graphic video surfaced online showing Queen Nero crying after the attack while recording herself and the bitten off nose with blood gushing out from there.

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“See wetin Felix do me o (meaning look at what Felix has done to me),” she said in the video while showing her disfigured nose.

Her kids can also be heard crying in the background and calling for their “mummy”.


The video caused outrage and led people to call Felix out.

Felix has now taken to Facebook to write a suicide note.

See the suicide note he posted on social media below;

He asked the public to forgive him for everything and told his 3 kids that “even in death” he will still love them.

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He told the public not to judge him as he alone knows the pain and depression he’s been suffering for years.

Social media followers are now calling on his wife to put their differences aside and seek out her husband to prevent him from commiting suicide.

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  1. Arlene Hicks-Sloan

    He is shot the f*** out, that’s 😧😧, SMMFH

  2. Venetta Calloway

    I just can’t understand the people want the wife to go back to her husband because he claims that he’s going to kill himself, what if the husband do worse what he have already done. He might kill her and the children
    He just need to commit himself in a hospital somewhere and get some help. Queen please don’t go back think of you and your kids safety

    • So well said I was thinking the exact same thing. Poor him I’m beat TF out my wife then make it as he the victim. Pray she don’t fall for his BS and gets her self and babies killed.

    • I agree Queen do not even think about going back to your husband hes a manipulator and hes an abuser he will eventually kill you If he really wanted to kill herself he wouldn’t be sitting there right in a letter of manipulation because that’s all it is He seems to be a man that wants what he wants whether it’s right or wrong and wants everyone to feel sorry for him This is very shameful your children should never witness such behavior For the love of your children don’t go back to him God can do more for him than you ever can just keep him in prayer And stay far away from him

    • Agree 💯 percent

  3. So well said I was thinking the exact same thing. Poor him I’m beat TF out my wife then make it as he the victim. Pray she don’t fall for his BS and gets her self and babies killed.

  4. Don’t listen to his bs, that s. o. b. needs to be in jail!!! He’s not feeling guilty about shit, the bastard is just looking for sympathy! Don’t you ever put you or your kids in harm’s way again? File a restraining order, file for your divorce and tell the bastard that if he’s going to end his life, hurry up and do it, just make sure that you have plenty of burial insurance on his no account ass? He’s not worth paying out the pocket. Good riddance and for God’s sake, STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!!

  5. Listen to James this man dangerous who bite a person nose and at your father’s house in front of your children he doesn’t care don’t make those children suffer causes death next , if he want to died he wouldn’t have put it out there you would have found him dead he’s trying to get you there to finish beating you to death hate to say it but this man is Dangerous

    • It’s all about control if you love yourself and kids you would stay far away from. HIM he’s not gonna kill himself he’s gonna kill you and your kids. You’ve put him out there were everyone knows the monster he is. He seeks revenge . Cause you have revealed the true monster that he is let someone else have that problem. Love isn’t suppose to hurt. I’m praying that you and your kids stay safe with God’s protecting Angels.

      • Queen. If u go back to that beast something is very very wrong with u. Please please think of the abuse he put u through and the children through. And having an affair with ur cousin please don’t even step to him. He almost disfigure u .believe me Queen that beast is evil he eill kill u and the kids. He want company in hell.Save ur kids and u trust God. Don’t go back. He is trying to manipulate u. People to all of u who is begging her to go back I sm ashamed of all of u.

  6. Truer statements have never nero is a zero get the hell away and stay away from this crazy person no talk just you walk save yourself and your children please,

  7. Put his but in jail press charges on him and get a restraining order and never trust him AGAIN

  8. That is some sick devilish stuff no wommon in her right mind would even mess with him flat out after seeing what he did to her low life scum of the earth that’s not being aman that’s being a B

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