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African black magic traps thief, makes him sweep house repeatedly till day break (Video)

A video going viral online shows the moment a young man who stole property from a house is made to sweep the house repeatedly till day break.

Reports say the boy was trapped in the house a charm seen in the video hanging on the wall which was placed there by the landlord.

When the boy broke into the house and stole some property he couldn’t leave again, rather he picked up a broom that same time of the night and began to sweep the house repeatedly until day break when neighbours in the compound saw him.

The boys sweeps out dirt from the house then packs the dirt back into the house and sweeps again. He kept on doing this till daybreak.

From the video a man could be heard narrating what happened. He said occupants of the building had complained to their landlord of constant theft in the building. The landlord then told them to relax that the culprit would be caught. He then placed the charms on the wall (a broom tied with red clothe and a knife) and that is believed to be what made the thief to keep sweeping the house until morning.

It was also said that the landlord told those in the compound not to touch the boy or get close to him until he came to the house probably handle things by himself.

The video did not indicate how the boy was released and what happened to him afterward.


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