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Woman removes her underwear and sits on man’s face ‘for £100 bet’ in packed beer garden

A woman has caused outrage on social media after she removed her underwear before crouching on younger man’s face, apparently for a bet worth £100 in a fully packed beer pub.

The incident was captured on camera by one of those cheering her on as she did the act.

The clip was allegedly taken at the music venue Chinnerys in Southend, Essex, in a beer garden next to a busy road.

As she began to crouch on the man, several men cheered on the woman and one shouted, ” £100 go, go!”. The man recording the clip repeats the figure.

The woman in her mid to late 40s then covers her face and crouches as a group of men cheer her on.

She then begins to spin on the face of a young man, before someone shouted, “Oh, she loves it.” I can see.”

Some of the people at the scene of the incident covered their faces with in disbelief while others laughed off the action.

At some point in the clip, two police officers appear behind the fence and as they were about to intervene then the woman quickly pulls up her underwear.

“The sun takes all freaks to the South End,” wrote a Twitter user sharing a video.

In response, one man added: “I thank the lucky stars every time I pass Chinnerys. I’m not the type of person to drink at Chinnerys.”

“Of course, it’s f ***** Chinnerys,” another person added.

Another man said the lascivious act was done “opposite a children’s theme park.”

He probably referred to Adventure Island, a theme park directly across from Chinnerys. It reported that Essex Live was “very busy” today as the temperature reached record highs today (Friday, June 17th).

According to the Sex Offenses Act of 2003, indecent exposure is not particularly illegal, but indecent exposure can be perceived as a type of sex crime.

Anyone who turns out to be exhibiting a part of himself in public may be considered morally unacceptable and may even offend others.

The act of exposing yourself alone or with others in a wooded area or space that is easily visible to others is considered vulgar.


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