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Parents demand removal of ‘drunk’ high school teachers who always come to work intoxicated for the past 5 years

Meeting between parents and school governing body members outside JG Zuma High on Tuesday to demand the removal of two teachers who allegedly attend school drunk.

The disturbing aspect of the story is that this has been happening for the past five years but this time parents were ready to bring an end to it.
Angry parents and members of the school governing body (SGB) gathered outside the gates of JG Zuma High School in Ntuzuma, north of Durban, South Africa, on Tuesday to demand the removal of two teachers.
Parents alleged a grade 12 geography teacher and a physical science teacher in charge of teaching grade 11 and 12 pupils are known for attending school while intoxicated, a matter they claim dates back to 2017.
Bonga Ngwane, 45, whose two children attend the school, said the level of education had dropped significantly due to the poor calibre of teachers.
“Since 2017 these two teachers have been identified as having major drinking problems. They come to school drunk — and if they are not drunk, they are not teaching ‘properly’. This has affected the pupils because the pass rate in these two subjects prior to 2017 was much higher than since their arrival,” he said.

Parents were addressed by provincial education officials.

Ngwane claimed the teachers have not been removed or suspended despite departmental intervention on a number of occasions.
“Following all the due procedures, the department remains unsuccessful in the removal of these two teachers.
“The deputy head of the department came here to address our concerns this morning. We are demanding the removal of these teachers and the hiring of two substitutes so our kids can continue learning because exams are around the corner.”
SGB chairperson Wonderboy Caluza said the alleged actions of the teachers showed they did not respect the education system.

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