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Bear shot by a hunter mauls the hunter to death in ‘revenge attack’

A 62-year-old hunter has died after the bear he shot attacked him and crushed his skull before dying much later.

According to Interfax news agency, the unnamed hunter is believed to have shot and wounded the bear from a platform in a tree in the Tulun district of Irkutsk region in Russia.

The hunter concluded the brown bear was dead and got down from the tree only to be attacked and killed by the bear.

The bear died shortly after mauling the hunter to death.

Graphic pictures show the man’s body lying near the bear’s carcass.

“When a 62-year-old man climbed down, the mortally wounded bear attacked and killed him,” reported Interfax.

“The carcass of the animal was found 50 metres from the place where the man died.”


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