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Pakistani Baby Goat Born With 19-Inch Ears Aims For Guinness World Record

A newborn baby goat in Karachi, Pakistan, might become a world record holder for its unusually long ears measuring almost 19 inches (46cm).

The Express reports that the goat named Simba was born in Sindh on June 5.

When the goat was born its owner Muhammad Hassan Narejo became astounded when it was discovered that the goat was born with its unusually long ears.

The animal has already become a local celebrity in Pakistan. The goat’s ears are so long that they drag on the floor as she walks. They dangle down on either side of her face and wiggle in the wind.

According to Telegraph, the baby goat’s long ears are probably the result of gene mutation or a genetic disorder. However, she appears to be getting along just fine. Ms Narejo hopes that Simba will soon be a Guinness world record holder.

Simba is a Nubian, a goat breed that is known for its long ears that serve an important purpose: helping to keep the body cool in hot weather. However, even by Nubian standards, Simba’s ears are lengthy. But luckily for her, that’s handy, as over in Karachi, where the baby goat lives, the temperatures vary due to the varying terrain, but in summer top temperatures can hit 47 degrees celsius.


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