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Girl, 4, dies after parents leave her in car to attend funeral

A four-year-old girl whose parents left in the car to attend the funeral of her aunt has died as the car temperature became hot enough to roast a chicken, according to reports.

The girl was left in inside the car with the doors locked as her parents attended the funeral.

Sadia, 4, had arrived for the funeral service with her family in Ramhormoz, Iran, while temperatures outside reached 49C.

She was sleeping when she was left in the car, where the mercury climbed to 79C inside – which is hot enough to roast a chicken.

By the time her parents realised she was in the car, Sadia was found unconscious.

Medics confirmed the girl died from heat stroke and suffocation.

The head of Ramhormoz’s forensics department Dr Gholamreza Haidarnejad said: “A young couple left their four-year-old child sleeping in a car when they went to mourn the little girl’s aunt.

“The parents who decided not to wake the child then forgot her because of their distress during the funeral.

“The child was left in the car for several hours in hot, sunny weather and the car doors were locked.”

The doctor added that the child died because of stress, heat intensity and lack of oxygen.

The devastated couple is receiving counselling and local police are investigating the tragedy.


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