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Horrifying video shows stadium collapsing during bullfight, five killed and over 500 injured

There was pandemonium in the city of El Espinal in Colombia when a stadium partially collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia killing at least four people, including an 18-month-old baby.

Over 500 people were reportedly injured in the tragedy.

The disaster took place in a stadium in the city of El Espinal in Tolima state on Sunday June 26 during a traditional event called ‘corraleja’ in which members of the public enter the ring to fight the bulls.

Videos taken during the bullfight show a multi-story section of the wooden stands collapsing and falling into the arena as people screamed.

Another video taken at the scene showed people trying to escape from the stands while a bull continues to roam in the arena.

The number of people buried in the debris of the stands is currently unknown but the section of the stadium which collapsed is thought to have been full with 800 spectators.

Governor Jose Ricardo Orozco told a local radio station that the Tolima’s hospital network had been ‘activated’ following the tragedy.

‘Four people have died, as of this moment: Two women, a man and a minor,’ he said.

Orozco said he had asked for the traditional ‘corralejas’ to be suspended in Tolima earlier on Sunday but this one was held anyway.

Besides the four dead, another four are in intensive care while two others are recovering from surgery.

President-elect Gustavo Petro urged local officials to ban ‘corralejas’, noting that it was not the first time an incident like this had taken place.

‘I ask mayors not to allow more events involving the death of people or animals,’ he said.

President Ivan Duque on Twitter announced an investigation of the disaster.

‘We lament the terrible tragedy registered in El Espinal, Tolima, during the festivals of San Pedro and San Juan, with the collapse of the stands during a corraleja.

‘We will call for an investigation,’ he said.


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