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Extremely rare two-headed snake stuns serpent wrangler in strange discovery

The deformed snake was rehomed (Image: Nick Evans)

A snake rescuer experienced the most bizarre salvage operation of his career after a South African man found a rare two-headed snake in their garden.

Serpent wrangler Nick Evans got to the property in Ndwedke, Durban to find the spitting Southern Brown Egg-eater sat in the frightened man’s yard.

The fortunate thing is that the breed is completely harmless, but the fact the snake had two heads must have been particularly frightening.

According to snake hunter Evans though, the man had nothing at all to worry about.

Speaking to IOL, he said: “I’m sure he was just as surprised as me.

“He didn’t want anyone to harm it, and put it in a bottle. He asked me to collect it and take it away from there. I thought that was really nice of him.”

Perhaps surprisingly for a man of his experience, the event marked the first time Evans had seen a two-headed slitherer.

It’s completely harmless (Image: Nick Evans)

After thorough inspection, he says the snake was partially deformed and only about 30cm long.

He continued: “It was quite interesting to see how it moved. Sometimes, the heads would try go in opposite directions from one another, other times, it would rest one head on the other. That seemed the most effective way of moving.

“As far as I am aware, they don’t generally live long. This one wouldn’t last long at all in the wild. It can barely move, and when it does, it does so incredibly slowly. Very easy pickings for a predator.

“If it hatched months or weeks ago, and survived this long, I’ll be truly surprised.”


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