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Iranian father shoots dead his teen daughter in suspected ‘honour killing’ after ‘catching her in a park with a boy’

A father who shot his daughter dead in a suspected “honour killing” reportedly after catching her in a park with a boy, has admitted that he shot her but claims it was an accident and he was only trying to scare her.

Mohammad Kazem Lashkari, 43, reportedly flew into a rage when he saw his daughter Ariana Lashkari, 15, in a park in Iran with a man.

He shot her dead in Nurabad, southern Iran, on June 27.

After he was arrested Mohammad claimed he only wanted to scare his daughter with the shotgun when it accidentally fired.

He told police: “After an argument, Ariana went to my mother’s house and I could not control my anger.

“I went there with my shotgun to scare her. I really did not mean to kill my daughter. I fired involuntarily.”

However, one of Ariana’s relatives said her father had killed her after struggling to accept his daughter’s belief that she didn’t want a life of oppression.

“Ariana was a girl that didn’t enjoy being oppressed by her father,” the relative told human rights activist Masih Alinejad.

“She wanted to choose her own lifestyle and have a free mind. Accepting her views was hard for her father.”

He added: “Ariana was a quiet girl who went to school every day full of hopes. This girl was very kind and caring.

“All of her friends and classmates adored her. I’m still in shock. It’s unbelievable that Ariana is gone.

“The regime is trying hard for this tragedy not to get published in the media.

“I hope this innocent girl’s blood is not going to be trampled on like many other girls who have been murdered in this way.”

A neighbour told local media Mohammad used to be a drug addict and had divorced his wife. He lived with Ariana and her sister, who he also reportedly threatened to kill.

The neighbour said they suspected he was acting under the influence of drugs again.

An investigation into the teenager’s death is ongoing.


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