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UK city estate terrified by gang of ‘machete-armed kids’ known as ‘Peaky Minors’

The gang of youths have been terrorising the city for years, and residents have had enough (Image: LEEDS lLIVE)

They don’t just look like kids, they are really kids but the terror they unleash is unbelievably terrifying.

A gang of youths known as “The Peaky Minors” have been causing havoc in a UK city.

The thugs, some aged as young as 12 and armed with machetes, are terrorising residents in the Hyde Park, Woodhouse and Burley areas of Leeds.

Their actions have have been described as “terrifying” with an extensive catalogue of crime including breaking into properties and threatening people with knives in the street, reports LeedsLive.

The ‘Peaky Minors’ is a gang believed to be made up of children and have been described as ‘terrifying’ (Image: LEEDS lLIVE)

Their actions have made them become one of the most notorious gangs in Yorkshire, and despite residents reporting their actions for years, they are still causing terror among the community today.

‘Horror film’ experience with gang

In a report by Daily Star, Leeds Beckett University student Oscar Bellerby remembered when he was confronted by the group at Woodhouse Moor, Hyde Park, in 2020, saying the experience “was like something out of a horror film”.

Oscar said: “I could tell it was them as soon as we saw them.

“Me and my girlfriend were approached by a group of about eight or nine kids. They must have only been about 12 or 13 years old.

“I just thought ‘This can’t be happening’, but then they started circling us. Then one of them then made a comment and said ‘have you got the knife?’ to one of his friends.”

Oscar and girlfriend walked away to avoid any confrontation. They escaped unharmed, but have said that it could have been different had he squared up to the group.

The group of students have shared their experience living in an area plagued by the ‘Peaky Minors’ (Image: LEEDS lLIVE)

Massive fights

A group of students told Leeds Live that the anti-social behaviour in the city comes from “terrifying” local children and not noisy house parties.

One woman, who didn’t want to be named, said: “There is quite a lot of scary people that aren’t students. There are people walking down the road with knives and things, there is a gang of 12-year-olds with machetes.

“They were tipping things on people who were laid in Hyde Park the other day.”

A woman from the group said: “A group of kids asked me if I wanted drugs the other day.” Another added: “There was massive group of them fighting outside of Sainsbury’s when I came back from work at 1am too.

“I think its a group called the ‘Peaky Minors’, that’s what people are saying, there were loads of people talking about it last year.”

The spokeswoman for the group said: “Fireworks night has been the worst night, it was terrifying in Hyde Park but other than that it hasn’t been bad really.”

One of the students Lowrie said: “There is really loud bangs off the fireworks through the streets. Last year they were breaking into people’s houses and stuff.”

Another of the students, Darcy, added: “It was 12-year-olds going around with knives and stealing phones which was really scary.”

Bonfire night ‘apocalyptic warzone’

In a separate interview, another university student told Leeds Live that the “Peaky Minors” left a student area in Burley looking like a warzone lit up by fiery flashes and explosions, after Bonfire Night in 2021.

The University of Leeds student said he came out of his house in the early hours to find a big orange glow.

He said: “I came out of my house and there was a big orange glow on the side of the house and the air was smoky. So I went over and just saw the middle of the road ablaze. It was like a world war in 2021.”

Another student claims she was struck by a firework during the chaos which left her with minor burns and a ruptured eardrum.

(Daily Star)


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