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‘There’s no rest’ – Lady says her boyfriend suffers from 100 erections a day which tires her out

A woman has disclosed what she experiences in her unusual sex life, saying her boyfriend has up to 100 erections a day and it’s tiring for her.

Vikki Brown, 31, and Lucas Martins, 39, met by chance in a supermarket queue and since then have enjoyed a passionate and intense sexual relationship.

But Vikki says her boyfriend’s erections are so frequent they can happen at any time, and even in places like a shop or when they go for coffee.

Lucas even went to a doctor to discuss the issue but was told it was not a medical problem.

He says he never experienced this before meeting Vikki, and says she being a ‘goddess’ makes him get erect often.

‘She only needs to look at me and speak to me and I get hungry for it,’ he said.

‘If that pheromone and testosterone just link together correctly, I can easily come to bed and look at Vikki and have an erection. I fall asleep with one and wake up with one.

‘She is basically a forbidden fruit and for that reason I just want to eat it.’

Lucas said he has ‘always believed in good intercourse with his woman and wife-to-be’ and that she agrees it brings the relationship closer.

‘I do believe that too, he just wants me all the time,’ Vicky said.

She says his sex drive is beginning to get in the way of her chores and appointments.

She says she now rests from sexual activity because they live separately for now in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Vikki, who met Lucas during lockdown in 2020, says she wants to know if this is something that other people are also experiencing.

‘Through the whole relationship he’s always had an erection – in shops, restaurants, the gym – there’s no rest from it at all and I just wondered if any other couples are the same,’ she said.

‘We actually met in my favourite childhood supermarket Morrisons – I was in my uniform with wet hair and a mask on and as we were queuing up he walked around the corner with a massive piece of fillet steak in his basket and said “wow aren’t you beautiful”.

‘We got speaking and I turned down three coffee dates at the start because I was so happy being on my own – we would never have met unless we bumped into each other in Morrisons.

‘In bed it’s the same, he can go to sleep with an erection and wake up with one, even though he does night shifts there’s no change in it at all.

‘It’s every single place we are – we can be having a perfectly normal everyday conversation like “shall we go and climb this mountain next weekend” and he has an erection.

‘I can come down the stairs and walk past the glass door and be in the next room and it still happens.’

Lucas said: ‘It just seems to be natural, I’ve got a wonderful woman next to me – she’s a goddess.

‘After a year when most couples would die down, months and years go by and we get hungrier for each other.

‘It’s how she makes me feel, I’ve never experienced before how she makes me feel, our bodies are so connected and that is so easy.’

(Mirror UK)

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