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Watch! Snake Climbs On Top Of Woman Resting In Field (Video)

A terrifying video has surfaced online showing the moment a cobra climbed up the back of a woman resting on a cot.

The video, shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda, showed the snake perched on top of the woman while she remained in the same position and apparently called out for help.

“When this happens, what would be your reaction??” Mr Nanda wrote in the caption while sharing the shocking clip.

In the footage, the snake was seen perched on top of the woman and ready to strike. However, as per the caption of the post, the reptile sat still on her back for about a few minutes, before it slithered away without causing any harm.

One user wrote, “I would have reacted the same way as the woman there doing… Silently chanting shiva’s name! This video is a proof that faith in God gives strength to face the tough times in life.” Another said, “Best reaction wud be ‘Not to react at all'”.

A third added, “As far as I know snakes are more afraid of humans than humans are of snakes. I think they will not attack unless they sense a hostile attitude so if possible human should quietly move away or keep still.” “That lady did well! Of course drenched in fear but did not panic , didn’t threaten the snake in any way ..needs patience ..any sign of threat , snake would have gone for a lil,” commented fourth.


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