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Balenciaga leaves people completely stunned after holding fashion show in giant mud pit

Balenciaga turned Paris Fashion Week into a mud bath – leaving viewers completely baffled.

The thought of Paris Fashion Week, you think of elegance, beauty and sophistication, but Balenciaga turned it into a s**t tip, with models tramping along through the muck like unimpressed dog walkers.

The fashion fiesta witnessed a mud-filled exhibition which stunned the audience.

A TikTok viewer wrote: “Fashion is just a p***take at this point HAHAHA.”

Another said: “I do not understand fashion,” while on Twitter, another added: “Balenciaga is a social experiment that has gone for way too long.”

But are these people just not getting it?

Fashion commentator Osama Chabbi reckoned the mud was actually the best bit.

He wrote: “My favourite part about today’s Balenciaga show is the mud.

“The mud all over the clothing, the platforms and dresses as models walk through the dirty pit.

“Perhaps luxury isn’t as precious as we’d like to think after all? Just like everything around us, it’s subject to trauma.”

I’ll let you be the judge of whether the show was profound or just a load of bollocks.

In and amongst all of the mud, Kanye made his debut as a catwalk model.

The musician opened the show, trudging through the s***e in a massive padded coat, with his cap worn low and his hood up. The 45-year-old was also bearded and dressed in black from top to toe.



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