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Man with 9.5 inch p3nis rejected for a job because they ‘thought he had an erection’ (Photos)

A man has revealed how he was rejected from a job offer after the supposed employers thought he had an erection during an interview.

The man made the revelation in new UK Channel 4 show ‘My Massive C**k’ a show focused on men with extra-large penises.

The man simply known as Joe in the show said; ‘It’s about nine and a half now,’ he begins, explaining his penis is ‘about a 12th of my height.’

‘The scaling is off, quite off, it’s thicker than my forearm, it’s about 7[inches] around,’ Joe continues.

He even has ‘special underwear’ to stop his penis ‘falling out’, with an added ‘pouch’ to ‘fit everything in’.

Viewers of the new documentary show have been left pretty stunned over the scenes, one of which features a 10.5inch penis uncensored.

Speaking about one incident in which he had to wear a suit for an interview, he says: ‘The response I got was “You’re not going to get the job, we thought you were a good candidate, but we thought there was inappropriate behaviour happening.”

‘They thought I had an erection throughout this whole interview, and they were very much like, “You’re attire wasn’t right.”‘

Joe continues: ‘They clearly meant, we can see your d**k.’


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