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Saxon is a prolific writer with passion for the unusual. I believe the bizarre world is always exciting so keeping you up to date with such stories is my pleasure

Man Inserts 8-Inch Knife Into His Head So He Can Breathe Better (Watch Unbelievable Video)

A Russian man who chose an unbelievably bizarre therapy to improve his breathing has miraculously survived. Yury Zhokhov, a 41-year-old factory worker from Donetsk inserted an 8-inch knife into his head when he felt he could not breathe better through his nose. The man told police that he was trying to …

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Meet the 36-year-old woman who believes she is an ELF – and says she was sent to Earth to act as a ‘spiritual teacher’ for humans

A woman from Illinois, USA, ha become an internet sensation after she declared she was an Elf sent to earth to assist humans spiritually. An Elf is a supernatural being often seen in fictional movies, having pointed ears, magical powers, and a erratic or unpredictable nature. That’s what Kimberel Eventide says she …

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Australian Catholic Church Causes Outrage After Introducting Electronic Offering Plate That Accepts A Minimum Of N3,600

Here’s how it works. It’s an electronic collection plate which has a spot where you swipe your card to make a payment, just like numerous churches in Africa and other parts of the world that use POS for tithe and offering collections. The difference here is that the electronic plate …

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