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Saxon is a prolific writer with passion for the unusual. I believe the bizarre world is always exciting so keeping you up to date with such stories is my pleasure

The Most Expensive Kiss In The World Cost N126 Million, You Won’t Believe Why It Was Worth That Amount

Most times you see people giving kisses for various reasons. It could be because it feels good, to express some form of affection, gratitude, bonding, among others. These kisses are always given for free. But not this one given by Hollywood high-profile actor, George Clooney. It cost $350,000 (about N126,000000). …

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Experts Warn Against New Disorder Called Snapchat Dysmophia Involving People Who Take Selfies; Find Out If You’re Already A Victim

Technology has brought with it facilities that make it possible for people to enhance their images or selfies on platforms such as snapchat or Facetunes. You find people adding flowers, horns, nose and adjusting their skin colour and smoothness to look more beautiful or attractive. They use apps to create …

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Beauty And The Albino! See Stunning Creative Photography Used By A Professional To Celebrate The Beauty In Albinism; You’ll Definitely Love This (Watch Charming Video)

Albinism is generally seen as having a bit of stigma in most societies. But a creative photographer has used a collection of photos to change that narrative. Yulia Taits, an Israeli photographer undertook a project in 2016 after being charmed by what she saw as the beauty of people with …

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