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Desperate couple filmed nude having public intercourse on busy seaside cliff as shocked diners watch on (photos)

They couldn’t wait to get to a more decent enclosure but had to get it going in public glare. They have gone viral for this. A raunchy couple desperate to consummate their relationship have been spotted having sex in broad daylight on a cliff ledge opposite the restaurant. They were seen …

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Transgender man who was born female convicted of assault after using fake p3nis to have s3x with three women in the dark

The lies didn’t stick and ‘she’ is now in trouble. A transgender male has been convicted of assault for using a specially made prosthetic penis to have sex with three ladies without their knowledge, while pretending he was originally born a man. Tarjit Singh, 32, who was born a biological female named Hannah …

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Russian journalist brags about position and movement of Russian mega mortar on Live TV, Ukraine blows it up the next day (Photos/Video)

In his excitement he forgot that he was giving away more than required, then this happened. A Russian journalist accidentally gave away the position of a Russian supersized mortar in a report from the Donbas, and Ukraine duly blew it up a day later,  drone footage has revealed. Aleksandr Kots, …

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BBC News throws trainee under the bus and apologizes to viewers after caption ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ appears live on air (video)

A trainee landed the BBC News in a huge embarrassment after the stations erroneously described Manchester United football club as rubbish in a text written on its screen. BBC News issued an apology to its viewers after the words ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ appeared on its rolling news ticker for a …

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