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Florida Middle School Girls Proud To Be Satan Worshipers Planned To Kill 15 Students, Drink Their Blood, Commit Suicide

Police in Florida are currently interrogating two middle school girls who allegedly plotted to kill 15 students in their school, drink their blood and eat their flesh. The girls reportedly admitted they were “Satan worshipers”. Their plan was after killing their victims they will commit suicide so they can be …

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‘Kind’ Shop Owner Tells Robbers To Come Back Later If They Want More Money, They Return, Get Arrested

These guys have been dubbed the “Dumbest Robbers In Belgium”. Six guys went to rob a cigarrette store, the owner told them to comeback later for more money. They returned and got arrested by the police. This is no prank. It happened in Belgium. The unbelievable robbery attempt took place …

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See New Mobile Game Called “Follow To Jesus and Go” Where Players Meet Biblical Characters (Video)

Some users are happy that this App came their way because they believe that they are “following the path of the Lord” while playing this mobile game. You meet Saints and other religious characters, answers questions about them to get points, pray once you come across a church, and also …

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High School Superintendent In New Jersey Arrested For Defecating On Football Field ‘Everyday’, Suffers From Chronic Runners Diarrhea

A highschool Superintendent in New Jersey is currently in court after he was arrested for defecating on the school’s football pitch ‘on a daily basis’. Students then gave him the nickname pooperintendent for always pooping on the field. He pleaded guilty in court. Thomas Tramaglini, 42, reportedly confessed to his …

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