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Man Transforms Himself Into ‘Black Alien’, Has Nose Removed (Disturbing Photos)

People have different choices in life on how they feel fulfilled and this man’s own is pretty weird. Anthony Loffredo who transformed himself into a ‘black alien’ has had his nose surgically removed. He has covered himself in tattoos and piercings as well as undertaking numerous extreme body modifications. The …

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Experts baffled As ‘Millions’ of dead birds mysteriously fall from the sky in New Mexico (Video)

It could be described as a rain of sad news for bird lovers on social media. An “unprecedented” number of migratory birds have been found dead across several states in western America. The social media got flooded with videos which captured the vast number of birds lying dead on the …

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Police Arrest Woman Who Owns Factory Where Used Condoms Are Washed and Repackaged Far Sale (Shocking Photos)

A total of 342,000 condoms were found after police raided the factory. The factory owner receives used condoms from a source, then washes, dries and reshapes them to look new before repacking and selling to hotels and supermarkets. What a shocking way to make money. Here’s what happened. Authorities in …

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Watch Jaw Dropping Video as Man Jumps Off Motorcycle, Saves Toddler Rolling Down Hill At High Speed

This man truly deserves an international award. What he did has greatly impressed the internet. The man was filmed jumping off his motorcycle to save a baby rolling down a steep road in a walker. The video which has gone massively viral on social media shows unbelievable moments the man …

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Wild mouse passes out after eating its way though cannabis crop

This mouse was definitely having fun until something suddenly went wrong. The incident happened in New Brunswick in Canada, where growing small amounts of cannabis is legal. Colin Sullivan who grows cannabis legally noticed that tiny nibbles were being taken out of his carefully-tended crop, reports Daily Star. It didn’t …

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