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Artefact telling story of Noah’s Ark suggests ‘fake news’ has been around for 3,000 years

The art of tricking readers into misinterpreting language can now be dated back some 3,000 years after new research into a Babylonian version of the story of Noah’s Ark. A study of a clay tablet discovered in the 19th century in present-day Iraq has found its writers deployed a pre-historic …

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World’s Most Expensive Sweet is Chocopologie, Costs $2,600 for just one

Anyone who loves sweets should read this piece. Here’s the world’s most expensive chocolate candy. It’s a special delight that costs $2,600 (about N936,000) for just one. It is called Chocopologie. This wonderful chocolate delight is a product by famous Danish chef Fritz Knipschildt and is also known as “La …

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Man Gambles His Wife Away During Bet, Assaults Her For Refusing To Go With The Winner

An Indian man identified as Binod Kumar Shah is being investigated for gambling his wife away before assaulting her for refusing to go with the winner. Daily Mail reports that the incident took place at Banka in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar. Binod Kumar Shah reportedly offered his wife, Chanda …

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Inmate Serving Life Sentence Claims He has served his term and should be Freed After he Briefly Died and was Resuscitated by Doctors

66-year-old Benjamin Schreiber is very much alive, but hasn’t stopped him from using his death as a way of explaining that he actually served his life sentence for murder. When Shreiber collapsed in his prison cell in 2015, doctors had to resuscitate him five times, which technically means that he …

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