Child Narrowly Escapes Incoming Train While Running On Tracks (Video)

This is a hair-raising video showing the moment two children had a close shave with an approaching train as they ran along the tracks.

The video was posted online with many internet users reacting to one of the kids lucky escape. The shocking footage from Toronto was been posted on Twitter by an account called Metrolinx.

The video shows the train which belongs to Canadian transport firm Metrolinx heading towards two seemingly unaware kids, as they run along the tracks with their backs turned to the locomotive. A third child is even seen standing off on an adjacent track, away from the train.

One of the kids putting on a light blue shirt and shorts is seen running between two train tracks. This entire incident was shot from inside the train and the locomotive can be seen approaching the boy but since he is running between two tracks he is relatively safer.

The other child who is running  wearing a white t-shirt and shorts can initially be seen running alongside his friend, but then decides to come on to the track and quickly cross over. The child appears to come mere inches of being hit by the train. The child manages to get out of the way and is seen throwing himself against an adjoining railing, thereby saving himself.

The video which was posted on May 20 has received thousands of views on Twitter and with many users commenting on the lack of awareness from the children. Some users also pointed out that rail services across cities should have guard rails to prevent individuals from walking on to the tracks as well as passenger bridges to facilitate crossing through.


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