Couple believe they might be half sisters sharing same dad after dating for 2 years

The happy couple have been told they look like “twins” (Image: @carleyandmercedes/TikTok)

A couple who have dated for two years are bow suspecting that they might share the same dad so they are thinking of taking a DNA test.

Carley and Mercedes have stunned their 556,000 TikTok followers after they disclosed that there is the possibility that they are related.

The loved up pair, who also post saucy OnlyFans content together, feel like they may be half sisters after finding out that both of their mums bonked the same bloke.

The clip which showed them making this revelation to their followers has racked up a whopping 5.6million views. In that clip, the women, who are both brunette, lip synched along to an audio that said: “Funny, yes. But not funny ‘haha’, funny weird.”

Carley and Mercedes donned a similar natural makeup look and claimed in the viral video: “When you find out two years into dating that your mums both slept with the same guy.”

They questioned whether to take a DNA test to find out if they actually have the same dad.

But, in the meantime the women have asked their fans if they should break things off if they find out that they’re related.

“If we’re actually related is it wrong to stay together?” they said.

There seems to be mixed reaction on the matter.

One person gasped: “That could explain why you two look like sisters…”

Another user added: “No I have no idea who you guys are and I immediately thought you were sisters before reading the text.”

Whilst a third voiced: “You guys look like twins. I’m so sorry.”

Someone else noted: “Sisters by chance, lovers by choice.”

And, this person commented: “You can’t have kids together and don’t have a shared childhood, in practical terms it’s completely fine for you two to stay together.”

However, not everyone is so convinced by the couple’s wild claim about being related.

One user questioned: “I can’t tell if this is real or just a TikTok joke?

A second said: “I feel like this is a joke but yous do for real look exactly the same.”

This person alleged: “What if they’ve been sisters the whole time and have been catfishing us into believing they’re dating.”

(With reports from Daily Star)


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