Dishwashing lady goes viral after arriving in Bentley at her restaurant job (video)

An elderly woman who washes dishes at a restaurant in Chengdu, China, has become a viral sensation after she was spotted being dropped off at her workplace in a Bentley.

According to Chinese media, the woman’s daughter drops her off at her workplace in a Bentley and takes her home every day.

A viral video uploaded on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo on April 1 shows the elderly woman exiting her Bentley in her work apron and rubber boots.

Apparently, the woman is rich and only took the job because she didn’t want to be idle.

“I feel bored and uncomfortable if I don’t wash dishes for 1 day,” the woman told a China Times journalist after she went viral.

Her job includes dishwashing and cleaning the restaurant.

The woman’s employer confirmed she was not in need of money.

The woman’s family was reportedly not in support of her doing the job but eventually had to give in when they saw her mind was made up.

Oriental Daily quoted the woman’s daughter as saying that the family could not stop their mother from working at the restaurant.

Now, the daughter shows support for her mother by taking her to work and picking her up when she finishes her shift.

Watch the video below;

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