I married my ex’s dad: Everyone hates me, but it’s the best sex I ever had

A woman from Ohio says she has alienated her peers after tying the knot with her ex-boyfriend’s father. She adds that despite him being 24 years her senior, she said she’s having the “best sex” of her life.

“He is the only person I have had sex with and he is the best,” Sydney Dean, 27, told Jam Press of her husband, Paul, who works as a truck driver.

Dean first met her future sugar daddy as a sixth-grader while visiting Paul’s son, who was her boyfriend at the time. And while the two preteen lovebirds eventually called it quits, they remained friends throughout middle school, with Dean frequently hanging out with her former flame after school and on weekends.

However, a rift opened up after Paul’s son got a girlfriend in his teens, whereupon Dean increasingly started talking to his father to avoid being the third wheel.

This was the beginning of a whirlwind romance which blossomed as the two lovebirds started dating when she was 16, which is the legal age of consent in Ohio.

“I never expected to fall in love with Paul and we met in a nontraditional way, but I’m so happy I did,” fawned the lovestruck gal, who married her elder paramour in 2016.

Dean, for one, couldn’t be happier at the unorthodox arrangement, gushing: “He is the best husband I could have asked for, and he treats me so great.”

Despite the capacious age gap, Dean claims that she’s having the best sex of her life — although she admits that Paul is the only person she’s ever been intimate with.

“I can’t really compare the sex to other relationships, as he is the first real relationship I have been in,” the loved-up millennial said of her much older husband.

Needless to say, the age gap-bridging relationship didn’t sit well with many of her friends.

“I did have one friend that wasn’t OK with mine and Paul’s relationship,” lamented Dean. “This friend would never want to come hang out or even talk to me much at all if he was around.”

She added, “She eventually didn’t want to be my friend anymore because of the age difference in the relationship.”

The soulmates also had to spend years persuading their folks that their relationship was real. Fortunately, while Dean’s mom was initially put off by the lovebirds’ age difference, her daughter said she eventually “came around.”

“[After this] we would go to her house almost every weekend just to hang out,” she insisted. “Now that we live pretty close to each other, she comes over all the time.

“He didn’t agree with the relationship for a couple years, but now that we have been together and are married, he supports us being together,” explained Dean. “He comes over with his girlfriend and their three children every other weekend just to hang out with us and barbecue.”

She explained, “Paul got into a horrible truck accident last July and was in the SICU for nearly three weeks. While he was in there, I would talk to his son every day and we would come see him together.”

Dean is expecting that her lifestyle choice will help erase the stigma around marrying outside one’s age bracket.

“I wish people would understand that couples with an age gap can truly love and care for one another,” she said. “There are a lot of negative assumptions about age gap relationships, but that doesn’t mean couples can’t be in it for the right reasons.”

(New York Post)

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