‘Just Unbelievable’: Man’s necklace may have saved his life by blocking bullet

A man’s necklace may have saved his life by blocking a bullet that was fired at his neck, according to police.

The shooting took place during an argument Tuesday night in Commerce City, Colorado.

Officers arrived at the scene and found the victim who was only suffering from a puncture wound. The bullet was lodged in the silver-colored metal chain around the victim’s neck.

The necklace measured about 10 millimeters wide.

“Just incredible,” police said in a Facebook post. 

The necklace was not pure silver, according to police, and was likely a hybrid material made to look like real silver.

“So maybe think twice before you knock a knock off,” police said.

The shooter was arrested on attempted homicide charges and is expected to appear in court next week.

(Fox News)


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