Man rushed to hospital after setting himself on fire outside American embassy

A man was rushed to the hospital after allegedly “setting himself on fire” outside of an American embassy.

Updates from outside the United States embassy in Østerbro, Copenhagen, detailed a man who had set himself on fire in front of the building and remained conscious while doing so.

His fiery stunt has apparently come to an end with the fire put out and the man still alive following the burst of flames that dominated the streets of Dag Hammarskjölds Allé in the Danish capital.

A statement from police has since confirmed the incident and says the unnamed 18-year-old man who set himself alight is currently recovering in hospital.

Tweeting out an update regarding the fire, Copenhagen Police wrote: “The man is in treatment at Rigshospitalet. He has not been charged with any immediate offence.”

Ambulance and fire services attended the scene earlier today, April 21.

By the time emergency services had arrived at the scene of the blaze, the man was said to have been both on fire and conscious.

He was quickly put out and taken to hospital, where he is subsequently being treated for assumed burns and injuries.

The 18-year-old has not yet been charged with any crime, police say, although a motive has not yet been revealed for the fiery youngster.

Police have yet to uncover many details around the fire but did also confirm that the incident was reported to emergency services by the Embassy itself.

The unnamed man is reportedly not in a life-threatening condition.

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