Mum ties up 5-year-old daughter, leaves her on roof in scotching heat for ‘not finishing her homework’ (Video)

The girl was reportedly put on the roof for not finishing her homework

An Indian woman has sparked outrage after using what looks like an extreme punishment on her little daughter by tying her up and leaving her on a roof in unbearable heat for not finishing her homework in India.

A video of the five-year-old girl was shared online on June 2 showing her tied with a rope and lying on the roof of a house in the scorching sun – where temperatures have reached 42C on previous days, reports Mirror.

The video was recorded by a neighbour and posted online after which it went viral, generating outrage against the woman for that action.

The video shows the poor child squirming in agony as her hands are tied behind her back and her legs are bound at her ankles.

The girl’s mother confessed she carried out the punishment because she didn’t finish her homework.

The father claimed he was not involved and only learned of it when his father called and told him what happened.

He told the Hindustan Times : “I received a call from my father that my wife had given this severe punishment to our daughter and that I should come home.

“When I reached home, my father told me that he came home and saw the girl tied on the terrace, and freed her.

“My wife got angry and punished her. When my father told me, I scolded my wife a lot that day, but the next day, a relative from our village sent me the video and I scolded my wife again.”

Horrified viewers shared their outrage online.

One wrote: “It certainly was a heart-wrenching scene. The one responsible must be published as an example. The poor child wriggling in the scorching heat is such a pain to watch.”

Another added: “When I see the video, my heart is broken.”

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