Small Apartment With Kitchen, Toilet and Bathtub In The Same Room Creates Stir

(Credits: S.F. Shannon Real Estate Management LLC via AP)

This is an architectural piece meant to accommodate someone at affordable rate in an expensive area of Missouri, United States of America. But it is currently causing a stir on social media.

This tiny apartment with what could be described as a unique layout is the home of a St. Louis man. He is a new tenant of the apartment with kitchen and bathroom in the same place. It’s not even cheap. It goes for $525 (N189,000) per month.

Yes. You read well! The toilet, bathtub, oven and sink are all in one room. The 200-square-foot (18.5-sq. meter) apartment is in St. Louis’ tony Central West End, Missouri, USA.

The ad and photo for the $525-per-month apartment appeared on several websites and had people flush with excitement. Harold Karabell of S.F. Shannon Real Estate Management says the new tenant loves it.

The 111-year-old building originally housed 12 luxury apartments. Karabell says that around the time of the Great Depression, it was remade into 50 small units, the studio the smallest among them.

Toilet/kitchen combo aside, Karabell says the apartment has a lot to like, including refinished hardwood floors and new windows.


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