Watch: Angry Rhino Charges At Tourist Jeep In South Africa, Chases It For Over 1 Km

A scary video has surfaced on Instagram where an angry rhinoceros charged at a jungle safari jeep and chased it a long way down the road. The incident happened when Anastasia Chapman was on a safari in South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park with her friends.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white rhino feeding on grass stared in their direction and charged at them. The animal then accelerated to a gallop and aggressively started chasing them. The rhino chased the jeep for over a kilometre while the driver frantically tried to drive as fast as he could through muddy roads.

Latest Sightings – Kruger shared the video with a caption that read, ”Rhino charges car down the road.”

Watch the video here:

Describing the terrifying encounter Ms Chapman wrote on Instagram, ”Had the craziest experience with a temperamental rhino yesterday. He charged at us full send for over a kilometre, barreling at us for 3-4 mins straight. Our guide was driving as fast as he could through the extremely muddy and unstable roads to get us out safely.

This behaviour definitely isn’t normal and our guide said it was one of his top 5 most dangerous animal encounters to date. Absolute insane day in nature and a reminder that we are only guests in these animals’ homes and territories.”

The video is going viral, and people were left shocked after watching the clip. Reacting to the clip, one user wrote, ”This has just shattered my myth where I usually presumed that I could out-run Rhinos.When I read the statistics that say there are more humans killed by Rhinos than by Lions; It usually made me wonder because I have also pictured Rhinos to be slow and would be easily fatigued by their weight. Well, how wrong I had been.”

Another commented, ”We need to just let them be and not get close. Poor creatures. Humans r way too intrusive. We have caused so much pain and suffering Esp towards these incredible creatures!” A third added, ”Legend has it that he’s still chasing them.”



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