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Filipino Town Bans Gossip in Order to Stop Rumours from Spreading

Authorities in Binalonan, a small Filipino town about 200 kilometres north of Manila, have made gossiping illegal under a new local law aimed at preventing rumors from spreading within the community. Trash talking someone in Binalonan could see offenders literally picking up trash under a new local law designed to make people …

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See World’s Most Depressing Sports Competition Which Gives Coffins As Prizes (Watch Video)

Everyone one wants to make history. Some men have become the first to win coffins as prizes in a sports competition now confirmed as the World’s Most Depressing Sports Competition. Guess what! Only undertakers participate in the game. Copa Ataúdes or Coffin Cup, a yearly futsal tournament hosted by the …

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Identical Twins Ordered To Pay Child Support On Same Child Because They Wouldn’t Say Which One Is Real Father

A Brazilian judge ordered a pair of male identical twins to pay child support to a child whose paternity could not be determined after they both refused to assume responsibility and a DNA test proved inconclusive because of their genetic similarity. Valeria, the mother of the child, originally filed a …

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Dozens Of Children Found At 15th Century Child Sacrifice Site Had Hearts Removed

New photos have been released from the largest child sacrifice grave ever discovered. The photos showed that more than 140 youngsters were buried alongside three adults and 200 animals – either llamas or alpacas – from the 15th century ritual in Peru, reports Sky News. Scientists released images of the …

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