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Horrifying video shows stadium collapsing during bullfight, five killed and over 500 injured

There was pandemonium in the city of El Espinal in Colombia when a stadium partially collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia killing at least four people, including an 18-month-old baby. Over 500 people were reportedly injured in the tragedy. The disaster took place in a stadium in the city of El …

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Surveillance camera captures shocking moment 77-year-old retired soldier shoots and kills his grandson after a scuffle (Video)

A heart-stopping CCTV footage has surfaced online showing the moment a grandfather shot and killed his grandson after a violent dispute said to be related to debt issue. The incident which took place on Monday afternoon showed the moment Domingo Verna, 77, fired five shots at Brian Verna, 29, as …

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Watch: Tonne of cocaine concealed inside potatoes spotted and seized by police (video)

Police have intercepted and seized a container with 1000 kilograms of cocaine disguised as potatoes and frozen chips in the northern Caribbean shores of Colombia, South America. The drugs were uncovered before they were shipped from the Port of Cartagena to Spain. Anti-Narcotics Police Major General Ricardo Augusto Alarcón Campos …

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Pastor accused of making an ”infertile couple have intercourse” on the altar in front of congregation, Church denies allegation

This church is located in Brazil. It is now battling image damaging posts which is it described as false. But event their reaction might stun you though they provided Biblical evidence for their position. A church has reacted after a photo went viral, showing two people laying on each other …

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