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Watch As Priests Drop Holy Water Over City to Cure It of “Drunkenness and Fornication” (Video)

Orthodox priests in Russia’s Tver Oblast region, literally reached new heights in their quest to save their congregations from addictive sins like drinking and fornicating. They got in an airplane and doused the whole city of Tver in holy water, in order to cleanse it. Metropolitan Savva of Tver and …

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Residents forcefully parade Mexican mayor through town for four days wearing women’s clothes for failing to keep campaign promises (Watch Video)

A no-nonsense group of residents of a municipality in southern Mexico has taken an extreme measure to express their displeasure with their mayor for alleged non-performance in office. When the residents got fed up with their mayor after he failed to keep a campaign promise, they decided to make him pay in …

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For the First Time, Miss Venezuela is Crowned Without Publishing Contestants’ Measurements

A 19-year-old student has been crowned Miss Venezuela, becoming the first winner of the annual pageant since it opted not to publish contestants’ waist, hip and bust measurements. Thalia Olvino prevailed in Caracas on Thursday after organizers — facing criticism for the contest’s primary focus on physical appearance — said …

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Mayor Disguises Himself As Disabled Person To Test Public Servants

As part of an unusual social experiment, a Mexican mayor disguised himself as a disabled person in need of assistance to test the attitude of local public servants first-hand. After receiving a number of complaints from disabled and other socially disadvantaged people about the treatment they received from social workers, …

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Court Orders Man To Pay Ex-Wife N62 Million For 27 Years Of House Chores

An Argentinean local court ordered a 70-year-old man to pay his ex-wife 8 million pesos ($173,000, about N62,280,000)) as compensation for 27 years of house work. Judge Victoria Famá made the landmark ruling after taking into consideration that the elderly couple’s roles had been well-determined during their 30-year marriage, with …

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Catholic Bishop Wants To Do Mass Exorcism By Spraying Holy Water Out Of Helicopter Over Corrupt City

Worried by a wave of violence and corruption sweeping over the Colombian port city of Buenaventura, the bishop of the local Diocese has proposed using a Navy helicopter to shower the city in holy water and purge evil. Monsignor Rubén Darío Jaramillo Montoya, Bishop of the Diocese of Buenaventura, plans to …

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