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Russian men rushing to wed women with children to avoid getting drafted in the war

Desperate Russian men are rushing to wed women with children as they frantically try to avoid getting conscripted for Putin’s war. Deadbeat dads who abandoned their children are also attempting to reconnect with their ex-lovers in the hopes that they will be spared being drafted into the war in Ukraine. Others are …

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Massive protests erupt in Russia while thousands take flights out of the country after Putin called up 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine (Photos/videos)

Russian police have arrested hundreds of people protesting against President Vladimir Putin’s decision to call up 300,000 troops to fight in Ukraine. Putin ordered a partial mobilisation on Wednesday September 21, meaning 300,000 military reservists but not conscripts will be drafted to bolster Russia’s forces who have suffered recent battlefield …

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People beg to be arrested by curvy French policewoman who arrested mutilator dentists (video)

No one would ordinarily want to land in police net but the situation seems to be different with this policewoman who has turned into an internet sensation. A French policewoman who handcuffed a mutilator dentist has got Twitter users begging to be arrested by her. Multi-millionaire dentist Lionel Guedj was …

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Russian taxi app hacked with hundreds of drivers ordered to same location, causing huge traffic jams in Moscow (video)

Hackers targeted a Russian taxi app by sending hundreds of drivers to the same address, causing huge traffic jams in the city of Moscow amid Ukraine invasion. Yandex Taxi, a Russian app similar to Uber that allows users to order cabs to their location, was reported to have been targeted …

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Bizarre moment President Putin’s legs twitch uncontrollably while joking with kids about ‘rubber bums’ (video)

A smiling Vladimir Putin was unable to stop his legs from twitching uncontrollably while he cracked a bizarre joke about having a “rubber bum”  to Russian schoolchildren in the exclave territory of Kaliningrad. The pupils who had been ordered to quarantine for 14 days before they could meet Putin, appeared baffled …

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Russian police arrest owners of flashy supercars as they take part in car racing while the country engages in war with Ukraine (photos/video)

Russian police arrested and rough handled flashy supercar owners from their vehicles as they competed in a ‘Rich and Successful’ rally across Moscow over the weekend. In a crackdown on extravagant displays of wealth, police could be seen attacking the wealthy drivers for showing off their Western made vehicles on …

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