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Tourists Play With Tiny But Deadly Octopus With Enough Venom To Kill 26 People (Watch Unbelievable Video)

Two British backpackers fishing in Australia can consider themselves lucky to be alive after ignorantly playing with a tiny blue-ringed octopus, whose painless bite can kill up to 26 adults in minutes. A viral video posted on a Facebook group for backpackers shows daredevils Ross Saunders and Johnpaul Lennon dangling …

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This Man Attempts to Set World Record for Sitting on the Toilet The Longest Time, See What Happened To Him

Jimmy De Frenne tried to be that person. The Belgian man parked himself on a potty in an Ostend bar for almost five days in an attempt to set the world record. During his bathroom break, the toilet-sitter checked his phone, enjoyed hearty meals and chatted with friends and family. He was allowed …

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