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Britain’s most dangerous serial killer, Robert Maudsley ‘sets world record for time spent in solitary confinement’ after spending more than 16,400 days in his private underground cell

Robert Mawdsley, one of the UK’s most infamous serial killers has set a new world record for solitary confinement. The notorious killer has now spent a record of 16,400 consecutive days in isolation in HMP Wakefield, according to The Mirror. The 69-year-old has been in solitary confinement in a glass cell since …

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Nurse is sacked after being caught stealing two tablets from hospital pharmacy to treat her headaches while she worked

An NHS nurse has lost her job after she was caught stealing two tablets from a hospital drugstore to treat her headaches while she worked. Francesca Morgan, 32, took a co-codamol pill and, on anther occasion, a paracetamol tablet after she felt unwell while working at Arrowe Park Hospital near …

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Scary moment a slingshot ride snapped, leaving passengers dangling in the air in London amusement park (video)

A slingshot ride at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park snapped, leaving two riders trapped. The shocking incident happened on Wednesday night, Dec. 14. The seating pod on the fairground ride at the popular London Christmas attraction crashed into the support beam and one of the elastic cords snapped, leaving two people dangling in the air. Another video …

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Ukrainian sniper gets married on the frontline to her soldier husband while wielding machine gun (photos)

A Ukranian sniper dubbed Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ has married her military husband on the front lines while wielding a deadly machine gun. The famous sniper, Evgenia Emerald, 31, shared her “perfect wedding” with her social media followers, adding that “a new patriotic family was born”. Her wedding fell on …

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London-Lagos flight delayed as ‘Nigerian deportee smears poo all over plane’, came out from toilet butt-naked

A flight scheduled from London to Lagos was delayed last Friday allegedly because a “Nigerian deportee smeared faeces” on the plane, according to passengers aboard. A Twitter user, @ImaniDH_, in a post on Friday, said her cousin was on the plane, adding that the incident rattled passengers. “My cousin was …

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