Horrifying moment woman mauled by three out-of-control dogs in park as she screams in pain (Video)

Police are hunting for a dog owner whose three pets savagely attacked woman in the middle of a park in London.

Distressing footage has been shared widely on social media showing the dogs, which appear to be of a Bully-type breed, mauling a member of the public as she screams out in pain.

The alleged owner fails to keep the animals under control as they continue their sustained attack, leaping up at the woman and locking their jaws onto her jumper.

At one point, the victim manages to escape, but is swiftly caught up by the dogs and repeatedly dragged to the ground.

The man tries to tell her to run, but one of the pets – believed to be called Rocco – latches onto her arm and bites down for around 30 seconds, narrowly missing her face

Officers were called to the park in Lambeth, South London, at 12.15pm on Tuesday, said the Metropolitan Police.

A woman in her mid-20s was rushed to hospital after sustaining a significant, but non-life threatening injury to her right arm.

The force is now attempting to track down the dog owner, who fled the park before officers arrived.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “We are aware of a video circulating online regarding a very distressing dog attack that states it occurred yesterday in Stepney Green.

“Our enquiries have revealed that this is not the case and the incident actually occurred in Lambeth, see below for the correct details of the incident.

“Officers were called at 12.15pm on Tuesday, June 6 to Abbots Park, Lambeth, SW2. A woman in her mid-20s had reported being attacked by three dogs.

“Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene. The woman was taken to hospital where she is being treated for a significant injury to her right arm, the injuries are not life-threatening.


“The man in charge of the dogs had left with the animals prior to police arrival. Enquires are in hand to trace the dogs and owner.”

Footage of the incident, which was posted to Facebook and then shared elsewhere, has been viewed over 82,000 times.

(Mirror UK)

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