Nigeria falls below expectations as countries with the largest average erect penis size in the world are revealed

Researchers have analyzed data from nearly 90 nations to discover which country’s men have the largest average erect penis size.

The study, published by World Data, ranked Ecuadoran males as the world’s most well-endowed, tipping the tape measure at an impressive 6.93 inches.

Out of the top 20 countries, half were in Africa, while three were in South America, North America, and Europe.

“No other topic on this website has been asked for more often than the average size of male genitalia,” a World Data author stated, explaining that the sites’ team searched through studies stretching back to 2001 to produce their comprehensive list.

Cameroon came in 2nd position, with an average length of 6.56 inches.

Unfortunately,  Nigeria fell below expectations, coming in way down the list in 44th place.

See the full list of the Countries ranked by the average size of men’s penises in the world below.



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