Somali government apologises after untrained sprinter gets worst time ever at international 100m race (Video)

The government of Somalia has apologised after sending an untrained sprinter to compete in a world games. Obviously, the untrained sprinter didn’t do very well, taking over 20 seconds to complete the 100 metre dash. The whole saga has been described as ‘embarrassing’ and some have even called for the …

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91-year-old Kenyan man returns with only walking stick 50 years after he left home in search of greener pastures

A Kenyan man who disappeared from home 50 years ago has returned only with a walking stick. Samuel Machuka, 91, returned five days ago in Masabo village, Nyaribari Masaba Kisii. According to TheStandard, the man was traced to the Wote, Makueni county through the Provincial Administration, where he worked as …

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Nigeria falls below expectations as countries with the largest average erect penis size in the world are revealed

Researchers have analyzed data from nearly 90 nations to discover which country’s men have the largest average erect penis size. The study, published by World Data, ranked Ecuadoran males as the world’s most well-endowed, tipping the tape measure at an impressive 6.93 inches. Out of the top 20 countries, half …

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