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Parents Force 14-Year-Old Boy to Give Away His Belongings As Punishment After Taking Family Car On Joyride (Video)

Parents have different ways of punishing their kids for wrong doing but what this particular family did as a form of punishment to their son has gone viral for very hilarious reasons. A family from Phoenix, Arizona decided to punish their 14-year-old son after he was caught by police speeding …

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Three siblings hospitalized after letting dangerous spider bite them in hopes of turning into Spider-Man

This viral story is a warning to parents to closely monitor actions of their kids after watching superhero movies. Three young Bolivian brothers ended up in the hospital fighting for their lives after getting a black widow spider to bite them thinking it would turn them into Spider-Man, according to …

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California Approves Marijuana Shops as Essential Services Amidst Total Lockdown

Marijuana shops are to remain open in the State of California as essential services as the state orders a total lockdown and closure of non-essential services amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. California Governor Gavin Newsom sent shockwaves through the West Coast on Thursday when he officially ordered all 40 million of …

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