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Shocking moment a female teacher, 32, is caught on video brutally beating a 16-year-old special needs high school student and stomping on her head (Video)

  A high school teacher was arrested on Friday after she was captured on video brutally attacking a special needs student. In the horrifying footage, the 16-year-old student appears to strike the female teacher in the face before the teacher is seen holding the girl down in her seat. The …

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Doctors Remove Screwdriver From Man’s Rectum (Unbelievable Photos)

Doctors treating a South Florida man complaining of abdominal pain were surprised to learn what was behind the irritation. After arriving at Kendall Regional Medical Center, the unidentified patient underwent a CT scan to help shed light on what was causing his pain. Doctors quickly saw the problem: An 8-inch screwdriver sitting …

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Woman Sues Country Club After Waiter Spills Wine on Her Expensive Hermès Bag, One Hermès Bag Could Cost Up to $300,000

A New Jersey woman said her luxury Hermès handbag was ruined when a waiter at a Bergen County country club spilled red wine on it. She’s now suing the privately-owned club and server for negligence, claiming that she suffered “property damage in the approximate cost of $30,000.” In the suit, …

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California middle school students receive student ID cards with sex hotline number

A California public school district apologized Tuesday after a sex hotline number was printed on identification cards issued to middle school students, according to reports. The Lancaster School District in northern Los Angeles County said New Vista Middle School intended to print a suicide prevention hotline number on the IDs but mixed up two digits, …

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Auto Brewery Syndrome: Man Whose Body Produces Alcohol Due to Strange Medical Condition Arrested By Police for Drunk Driving

When a man in North Carolina was pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk, police didn’t believe him when he said he hadn’t had any alcohol. The man, in his late 40’s at the time, refused to take a breathalyzer test and was taken to a hospital, where his initial …

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Montgomery County deputy shoots self after hourslong standoff in Spring, authorities say

A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputy at the center of a seven-hour standoff that happened Wednesday at a Spring home, struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to friends and neighbors. The incident began about 2 a.m. at a home on Hamilton Falls Lane near Spring Cypress Road. Officials said the deputy, 30-year-old Ryan …

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