Viral Video Shows Women Wearing Sarees Diving Into Tamil Nadu’s Thamirabarani River

A video currently going viral online shows a group of saree-clad women diving nonchalantly into the Thamirabarani river of Tamil Nadu.

The video was shared by Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu.

The 20-second video shows senior women diving into the river with gusto. The group of women were fearless. The caption of the video reads, “Awestruck to watch these sari-clad senior women effortlessly diving in river Tamirabarni at Kallidaikurichi in Tamil Nadu. I am told they are adept at it as it is a regular affair. Absolutely inspiring video credits unknown, forwarded by a friend.”

The video has collected over 50,000 views on Twitter and it has attracted several comments. A user wrote, “Beautiful but the water seems not deep enough for diving safely.”

Watch video;

Another user wrote, “Tamarabarani is a healing river – absolutely pure and scenic. I hope it isn’t being subject to the unfortunate pollution that we’re causing the other great rivers in our country.”

The third user commented, “TN is arguably the safest state for women in India.”

“This usually is an everyday chore for men, women, kids, etc in village wells, diving from the top! They are perfectly deft in that,” the fourth expressed.





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