Watch: Rat Crawls On A Sleeping Man On New York Subway, Internet Stunned

A viral video shows an intriguing scene where a man passenger traveling on New York’s subway was sleeping peacefully and a rat jumped on top of him, leaving fellow passengers scared.

The undated clip was posted on Twitter by @Jazzie654 with a caption that reads, “I didn’t realize there are rats on NY Subways or any Subway.”

In the 22-second clip, a rat appears out of nowhere and starts climbing the legs of a passenger who is fast asleep and unaware of what’s happening. The rat then goes on to sniff his hand and moves all over his shoulders.

When the rodent climbs on the man’s neck, he feels some movement and wakes up from his nap. When he sees the rodent on his body, he appears to be a little shocked, but then he calmly stands up and removes the rat from his body.

While some internet users were stunned and creeped out to see a rodent crawling on a man’s body, some said that they hadn’t spotted rats actually on a train, but had regularly seen them on the platforms, tracks, and tunnels.

Meanwhile, a section of users was shocked to see the man’s calm demeanor. One user said, “Oh yea. They’re omnipresent. But this guy – he is the epitome of calm when he realizes. Who wouldn’t scream and jump and lose it in this situation?” Another wrote, “He was surprisingly calm. I would’ve jumped off the train….”.

“OMG! We’ve seen many rats on the subway tracks but never inside the subway car! Yikes!” added a third.



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