Woman who breastfed husband says they now have to use other methods to connect after her body stopped producing breast milk (Video, Photos))

A couple who were so close that they would participate in breastfeeding together have had to find new ways to bond with each other.

Florida based couple Rachel and Alexander have insisted that a woman who breastfed her husband was not a kink and that it brought them closer together.

However, they’ve had to find something new to do together as Rachel’s body has stopped producing milk.

The couple have three children together and had even considered having another baby so the breastfeeding could resume.

“I was breastfeeding both my son and my husband, and then one day my son was just no longer interested in my breast milk at all,” Rachel said of the moment that changed things for the couple.

“I continued feeding Alexander for about two weeks, but it was like my body knew that my son no longer needed the milk and it was all gone.

“We grieved that bonding experience that we shared, and we even spoke about having one more baby so that we could do it again.

“However, we realised that was drastic action to take and a lot of work, so instead we began looking for other ways that we could bond as a couple.”

These days they now wake up at 5am each day so they can meditate and chat before the events of the day truly begin.

“We chat, meditate and just breathe,” Rachel said of their substitute for breastfeeding.

“We also started some business ventures together so that has been a new fun way for us to bond.”

The couple have said that since going public about Rachel breastfeeding her husband, they’ve had some strange requests.


She said that people had been asking her whether they could buy her breast milk and others had requested to meet her and be breastfed themselves.

Despite being sure they could have made some money off this, Rachel and Alexander have turned down the specific requests.

She said it had never actually been a sexual thing for her or her husband, instead saying it was ‘an amazing way for us to bond and share something special as a couple’.

The 31-year-old also said that while some people have been less than kind over the internet, the people they saw in real life were ‘usually really nice and understanding about it’.

Addressing the haters in a previous conversation with LADbible, the couple had said: “The main purpose that I believe we’re here for is to enjoy your life, enjoy it.

“Don’t get mad at what other people are doing. Don’t get mad at how people are enjoying their lives, just figure out how to enjoy yours.”



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