Woman who had 9 months left to live asked husband if she could sleep with ex one last time

A man claimed that after his wife of 10 years was given just months to live due to a terminal diagnosis, she asked if she could have sex with her ex one final time.

You can find basically anything on the internet, including a story about a man who’s dying wife asked for permission to sleep with an ex partner because they were the ‘most physically compatible satisfying lover’ she ever had.

Reddit seems to be the place to go for relationship advice, and this man laid out that his wife had been told that she would have at most nine months to live.

He explained that she’d been told she would be in a wheelchair within four or five months, and bedridden for the final weeks of her life.

“I have been doing my best to make the last days of her life good and grant whatever wish I can,” he wrote in a since deleted post.

However, one of her final requests was to ‘have sex with a previous partner of hers’, and his rather understandable reaction was to ask ‘why the f**k she wants that’.

His wife told him that sometimes sex was just a physical thing and while sleeping with her husband was ’emotionally fulfilling’ she wanted her world to be rocked by her ex one last time.

Not knowing what to do, he took to Reddit to ask the internet for some relationship advice, and as ever one of the internet’s strongest answers to any relationship dilemma was ‘break up’.

Someone’s advice was for the man to ‘just pack her stuff and let her live with her ex for the rest of her time’.

Others asked how a woman who’d been in a relationship for 10 years was still in contact with her ex or wondering whether she was planning on telling her ex out of the blue that she had only months left to live and wanted to have sex.

“Dying wishes aren’t a free pass for s**tty behaviour,” another person commented, and another agreed that it was ‘an appalling thing for her to ask’.

Offering a spot of relationship advice, one more commented that the woman was ‘shifting the decision to you to relieve any blame from herself’ and really ought not to be a decision that was left up to her husband.

Lots of people had doubts that the woman’s ex would even agree to such a thing, pointing out that after 10 years people tend to have moved on with their lives.

Elsewhere there was a debate in the comments as to whether this was even a real situation, as they could scarcely believe that this had actually happened.

Then again, one person pointed out that ‘people are gonna people’ and that is very true, as some people are actually just terrible.


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