People given explanation as to what happens to your phone when you die

There are some things you need to prepare for before you die, and one of those things might be the most important.

No, I’m not talking about a will or getting your estate in order, it’s something that would be mortifying for anyone else to get their hands on.

A lot of people have just figured out what happens to your mobile phone when you pass away, and let’s just say they’re freaking out.

I mean, who can blame them? If someone found mine and was able to scroll through my catalogue of BTS boyfriend fanfic, relatable cleaning memes and ill-fated weight loss goals, I’d be pretty upset too.

Image your parents being handed your phone and immediately checking out your browser history, photos and videos… It’s a thought that could chill blood.

That’s exactly how Redditors felt when someone asked the question about where your mobile ends up and the responses are classic.

After phone reseller SellCell explained on its blog what happens in the event of your untimely death, I think we’d all feel the same way.

The blog said: “Well, that, along with the rest of their personal effects, generally form part of the estate of the deceased. Much like with digital data, it is important to plan ahead, and decide what you want to happen to your phone and your digital life when you pass away.

“It might sound nihilistic to think of such things, but it will make life easier for the loved ones you leave behind.”

In the thread morbidquestions, commenters put in their own requests for what they’d hope for their possession after someone asked what would happen to it.

One person said: “Christ I hope mine gets incinerated.”

Another made sure to plan ahead: “I have a pact with a buddy of mine that if I die while we are at work to take my phone and destroy it.”

Someone else decided to amend their post-humous requests on the spot: “And with this question being asked, my will shall have a new statement added to it: take my phone and throw it in a active volcano.”

One person was pretty level headed about the circumstances, writing: “Well i’m guessing it depends on the way you die. if by natural causes it’ll be the same as with any other property of the dead person. if by suicide then it’ll probably be looked through to find any reason to why or something like that.”

As long as mine is buried with me or donated to research into the mind of pop-music obsessed people, then I’m happy. Just leave my old Tumblr account out of it.


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