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Mum ‘marries’ a tree in front of family and now plans to change her name

A mum-of-two has ‘tied the knot’ with a tree and now intends to change her surname to reflect the species she ‘married’. Kate Cunningham’s family and friends looked on as the bizarre wedding ceremony was held in a Merseyside park. The 34-year-old bride decided to ‘marry’ the elder tree in Litherland’s Rimrose …

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Male sex dolls are being introduced to adult market – but may be too heavy to handle

With the rise of artificial intelligence and the proliferation of avenues for non-traditional pornography it was only a matter of time before the rise of the sex robot was upon us. But most people think of sex robots that satisfy the needs of cisgender heterosexual men. Models such as the £8,000 Harmony …

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Couples Invited to Spend 30 hours in a Coffin Together in Bizarre Competition

A Maryland theme park is challenging couples to spend 30 hours together in an unusual tight space for the “30-Hour Coffin Challenge.” The competition, part of Six Flags America’s Fright Fest 2019, will see six “couples of any sort” — romantic pairs, family members or friends — spending 30 hours in a …

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