Mum visits brothel with son who can only move thumbs and mouth in unusual family outing


A disabled man who can only use his mouth and thumbs lucked out when he was taken to a brothel – thanks to his mum.

Jake was treated to the unusual day out by influencer Willem Powerfish after a fishing trip, where he was joined by mum Gail, his friend Kyle and his carer Banish.

Jake was left quadriplegic following a life-changing car accident which saw him crash into a power pole on New Year’s Eve about 12 years ago.

While on the day out in New South Wales, Australia – the first time Jake had been fishing since the accident – Powerfish asked Gail about Jake’s love life since the collision and was astounded by her answer.


Taking to YouTube, Powerfish said: “She’d never actually brought it up with him in 12 years.”

The social media star then had an inspired idea and asked Gail if she would be comfortable with him taking Jake to a brothel, to which she agreed.

Powerfish can be heard saying to Jake: “You can decide if you like the woman or not, if you don’t like it you don’t have to do it but I’m very happy to shout you a session.”

The team then cut the fishing trip short and headed to Le Penthouse Suites, where Jake met with a sex worker.

And after the deed was done, Gail chatted to the woman Jake spent time with to find out how it went.

The emotional mum said: “She said she did a few things and then it was very erect so she got on top and he did the whole thing.”

It’s not a typical mother-son outing, but Gail said she was thankful to Powerfish for organising the day and said she was happy it had raised awareness of the difficulties people living with difficulties face.

“I hope it gets through to some people that even though we have brain injuries or impairments, we still have needs,” she could be heard saying in the video.

Powerfish, who worked in disability care before he shot to fame, agreed.

“One of our patients had cerebral palsy and we used to take him to the brothel,” he said.

“I’m hoping people who see this and do have family members with impairments of any sort… We’re all human and we all have needs.”

(Daily Star)


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