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Biohacker who spends $2m a year to look like a teenager is getting his penis injected

Biohacker Bryan Johnson is getting his penis injected as part of his $2 million-a-year mission to look younger, with the entrepreneur dubbing this part of the process ‘rejuvenating Johnson’s Johnson’. The 46-year-old claims to have the biological age of an 18-year-old, and believes in his anti-aging and longevity methods so …

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Viral Video: Slaps, Abuses As Fight Breaks Out In Crowded Mumbai Local Train

The Mumbai Suburban Railway network, also known as ‘local’, has been dubbed as the city’s lifeline for decades. The preferred mode of transportation for common citizens has always been a popular setting for numerous impromptu jamming and singing sessions, many of which have been recorded and gained widespread attention online. …

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Brawl erupts in Montgomery after white boaters attack Black city worker (Horrific video)

The Montgomery Police Department, on Saturday evening, made multiple arrests after a large brawl that broke out on the city’s Riverfront dock after a group of white boaters attacked a Black dock worker apparently without provocation. The fight escalated when city workers and others joined the fight a short time …

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