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Judge reverses decision to grant full custody of teen girl, 16, to her father after the girl’s mother said she got pregnant for the daughter after her dad rap3d her

A judge has reversed a man, John Barnes’ full custody of his 16-year-old daughter after the girl’s mom accused him of raping her when she was a teen. Recall that after Crysta Abelseth, 32, lost custody of her daughter she claimed that John Barnes raped her when she was 16 …

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Moneylenders among 13 arrested for harassing family of nine found dead in suspected mass suicide over debt

Following suspected mass suicide of nine members of one family in the district’s Mhaisal town Monday, police in Maharashtra’s Sangli have arrested 13 people, including moneylenders, for allegedly abetting the said suicide of the family members. Officials said that the arrested men are among the 25 people who were booked …

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Pandemonium as airport workers refuse to release passengers’ luggage to them in protest over unpaid salary (video)

There was pandemonium at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos State, Nigeria, as airport staff protested unpaid salaries by seizing passengers’ luggage. Passengers who witnessed the protest said the airport staff complained that they haven’t been paid for 6 months. In a video shared online, the passengers are seen …

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Sierra Leone man nearly mobbed as family members of his wife stormed church where he was marrying new wife to present proof of him being married (video)

Just like something you see in the movies, a woman was shouting “yes, see the certificate” to prove that the man was already married and some other woman presented the certificate to officiating priests. It just a dramatic moment in Sierra Leone. A man escaped being mobbed after family members …

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