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Vanko is a cheerful writer whose enthusiasm for unusual stories is inspiring.

Churches Where Poisonous Snakes Are Used To Worship God (Watch Horrific Video As Snake Bites Pastor)

  They are called snake-handling churches. They don’t worship snakes but instead “use snakes to worship God.” They believe it’s biblical.   There are about 125 snake-handling churches in the United States, and almost all of them are found in Appalachia. Snake handlers like do not worship snakes. Instead they …

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This Advert Billboard By Local Food Joint In Owerri Will Make You Pause

Organizations are adopting several creative ways to promote their products and services. But some adverts look so weird that you wonder whether it is actually creativity or the advertiser forgot that some adverts could backfire due to disturbing choice of contents. Here’s a giant billboard promoting the local delicacies offered …

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