Video: Black Bear Breaks Into US Home, Steals Frozen Lasagna From Freezer

A black bear recently broke into a house in Barkhamsted, Connecticut, to satisfy its cravings. The break-in was captured by the CCTV installed inside the house and the clips were shared by owner Helena Richardson on Facebook. One of the videos shows the bear entering through a screen door and making its way to the kitchen.

The furry burglar helped itself to some lasagne before using the freezer door as a step to climb out of the kitchen window, as seen in the video. It spent nearly 35 minutes in the house, according to New York Post.

The clip initially shows the bear in the home’s foyer, after which it heads to the kitchen, displaying a particular interest in the refrigerator. The animal, standing on its hind legs, deftly opens the freezer drawer and promptly grabs a frozen lasagna.

With its Italian meal secured, the bear utilises the open freezer drawer as a stepping stone to make its escape through the window. The black bear exits through the window, lands on the back porch, and casually walks away with its dinner.

Ms Richardson said she was aware that no one was supposed to be home at the time, so got curious when she received a notification from her security camera.

“You can see him going from room to room, as comfortable as I am in my house. It’s very hard to believe. My mom made me some lasagna, I left it in the freezer and the bear just, you know, took it,” she told CBS News.


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