Ex-top judge’s son ‘jumps from high-rise flat after battering mum to death’

Doug Solomon, second from right, is thought to have killed his mother, right, in a “murder-suicide” (Image: Diane Gallagher/Facebook)

The son of a retired Manhattan supreme court judge jumped from his family’s high rise apartment shortly after he battered his mother to death, police sources have reportedly said.

The naked body of Doug Solomon, 26, was found in the courtyard of the block of flats in the exclusive Upper East Side of New York at around 10.30am, on Tuesday.

Shouts and screams had been heard from the family flat beforehand by neighbours.

Solomon’s mother Diane Gallagher, 65, was found dead in a bedroom of the family home with a head trauma from a piece of furniture, a police source reportedly said.

Diane Gallagher, 65, was found dead in a bedroom of the family’s apartment (Image: Diane Gallagher/Facebook)

While the evidence so far points towards a murder-suicide, there has been no history of violence or mental history involving the family, it has been reported.

Another resident of the East 79th Street building, reported the New York Post, said: “It was the loudest thud. At first I thought it was an air conditioning unit. I looked down and he was right below my window… he was butt naked.”

Charles Solomon, the husband and father of the two dead, is a retired New York Supreme Court judge.

During three decades as a top judge before he retired in 2017, he heard many high-profile cases including Sean “P-Diddy” Combs’ nightclub shooting trial, in 2001.

Another neighbour in the building said they heard “arguing”.

“I heard a bunch of voices. I thought it was construction workers arguing. I thought it was just people angry with each other,” they reportedly said.

The family lived in an exclusive apartment in New York’s Upper East Side (Image: Google Maps)

A resident of the block of flats said that she is “heartbroken” to hear that Ms Gallagher had died and that she had been an important friend.

“She’s just one of the most amazing people. Bright, articulate, dancer. I just called her when I heard that something happened in the building. She was my go to person… That’s the kind of friendship we had,” the 79-year-old woman told the New York Post.

She also told that Ms Gallagher taught music and dance, and had a daughter who would be getting married soon.

She added: “Really just a very capable everything. A great mother, a great wife, a great everything and really a great friend. I only have good things to say about her, and such a good listener. Always listened to me and my problems. She’s an amazing person.”


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