Viral Video: Slaps, Abuses As Fight Breaks Out In Crowded Mumbai Local Train

The Mumbai Suburban Railway network, also known as ‘local’, has been dubbed as the city’s lifeline for decades. The preferred mode of transportation for common citizens has always been a popular setting for numerous impromptu jamming and singing sessions, many of which have been recorded and gained widespread attention online.

Now a new video has appeared on social media that shows two men engaged in an ugly fight inside a Mumbai local coach.

In the video posted on X (formerly Twitter), there was a scene where two men were involved in a physical altercation. However, they were eventually separated by an man who intervened and pushed them apart. Later on, other passengers on the train joined in to support the intervening individual and urged the angry passengers to cease their fight.


Social media handle Mumbai Matters shared the video with a caption that reads, “Just a normal daily scene inside a crowded #MumbaiLocal. Loved the Super Cool Referee..”.

The noteworthy intervention of the fellow passenger who played the role of a peacekeeper has captured the interest of social media users, who have left interesting messages for him.

“I appreciate the act of a good Samaritan who came in between the two fighting commuters, interfered, and pushed them away,” commented a user.


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