Marathon Runner Poops In Stranger’s Yard, Internet Says “Stinky Runner!”

A disturbing footage has surfaced on the internet which shows an unidentified Boston marathon runner apparently pooping on a stranger’s lawn. The incident was captured on a doorbell camera dated April 17.

The video shows the marathon runner squatting down in the corner of someone’s front lawn in order to relieve themselves during the 26.2-mile race. However, the runner was interrupted by a man who walked into the yard and appeared to have an awkward exchange with the marathon runner.

The marathon runner quickly stands up, pulls up the shorts and rejoins the race.

According to New York Post, more than 30,000 marathoners partook in the annual run from Hopkinton, Mass. to downtown Boston.

The viral video was posted on Twitter and the caption of the video read, “Boston marathon runner pooped in someone’s yard today.”

Watch the video here:

he video triggered an array of reactions on social media. Netizens even called the runner a “stinky runner.”

A user commented, “Shit Happens.”

Another user commented, “lmao I didn’t realize just because you’re running in a marathon that gives you the right to shit on random people’s lawns.”

The third user wrote, “When you gotta job to do, you gotta do it well.”

“That sucks but all that nerves and caffeine and stuff they probably take, he’s human after all lol,” the fourth commented.

A fifth user asked, “Did runner wipe his ass afterwards and sanitize hands?”




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