Criminal Escapes After Locking Policeman In Washroom

Banga Bhawan in Delhi. (Photo courtesy:

A criminal has escaped custody after pushing a policeman into a washroom and locking him up before making his way out of the scene without any suspicion.

The incident took place in Delhi’s Banga Bhawan, reports Daily Times of India.

The convict, Gagandeep Singh, had been arrested for being involved in multiple online scam in Howrah.

Singh was under the custody of the Cyber Crime unit of Bengal Police, who had caught him from Punjab.

He was to be shifted to West Bengal and thus the police made a stop-over at Banga Bhawan in Delhi on their way back.

A case has been filed against Singh for resisting lawful apprehension and a manhunt has been launched to nab him.
It was reported that the team from West Bengal had gone out to conduct a raid related to another case, placing Singh under the supervision of an Additional Sub-Inspector (ASI).

While the team was conducting the raid, the ASI called them saying that when he went to use the washroom, Singh pushed him in and locked the door. The Cyber Crime team rushed back to the scene as soon as they got the call.

CCTV footage has shown Singh escaping from the Bhawan without raising any suspicion.

Via Times India

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