Mum fuming after hunting down Domino’s pizza delivery driver to find order ‘half eaten’

A woman has expressed outraged after finding out that the Domino pizza she ordered arrived with a bite, or five, taken out of it.

The woman spent 15 minutes in the pouring rain hunting down her Domino’s pizza delivery driver after this shocking discovery.

The mum, Kellie Lewis, ordered a large, stuffed-crust pizza from the Dominos in Old Town, Swindon, earlier this month (15 July).

After forking out a hefty £29.49 on the ‘za, Kellie was horrified when she cracked open the lid only to discover three slices were missing.

And the culprit, according to Kellie, was allegedly one particularly peckish delivery driver.

Immediately taking action, the mum-of-one snapped a pic of the contents of the pizza box which also contained an apparently half-nibbled slice inside.

“I was just having a nice night in with my husband,” Kellie explained. “We have a four-month-old baby and I hadn’t eaten all day, so I ordered a pizza because I wanted some food.”

She continued: “It was a mess. Half of it was gone, and it was all over the place. It looked like it had been half eaten. It’s crazy, there were half slices.

“About three slices were missing. You get 10 in a large, and we didn’t have 10, we had around seven.

“I hadn’t eaten all day so I just wanted some food before I went to bed, I was starving but I didn’t eat it.”

After making the bizarre discovery, Kellie recalled: “I couldn’t touch it, I didn’t know where it had been, I was just shocked.

“It’s awful, especially when you’ve paid so much money for it. It’s £30 down the drain – I want a pizza, not nothing.”

Understandably shocked by the whole ordeal, the 28-year-old, who also used to work for the chain, emailed over a photograph to Domino’s.

She also rang up the branch manager who insisted the takeaway ‘was fine when it left’ the store before allegedly hanging up on her.

“I managed to speak to a manager who said that I should email a picture and call him back in ten minutes,” Kellie added. “So I emailed him a picture, called him back and he said that there wasn’t a problem when it left and hung up on me.”

The mum claimed: “The delivery driver couldn’t find me. I stood in the town centre in my dressing gown, and it was pouring it down with rain.

“All they kept saying was that they were in a car park, so I was walking around town trying to find my pizza.

“The delivery driver found me about 15 minutes later, gave me my pizza and left. So I really don’t know what happened to it during that time.”

She alleged: “I think they got hungry and thought they weren’t going to find me.”

Kellie has since said she won’t be ordering from the popular pizza chain again despite it once being her ‘go-to takeaway’.

“I’ve emailed Domino’s head office, I’ve emailed the shop it came from and I’ve had no response,” she said. “I just wanted my pizza redelivered or something, but they couldn’t do anything.”

The mum went on: “I’ve always liked Domino’s and ordered from them quite a lot.

“They’re a go-to takeaway for me but this experience has put me off ordering from them. I won’t order from them again.”

Domino’s has said that the franchise group has since spoken to the customer and the issue has now been ‘resolved’, with the customer accepting a gesture of goodwill.

A spokesperson said via The Sun: “We’re pleased to say the customer has confirmed that this has since been resolved to their complete satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that every product leaves our stores in perfect condition.”


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